The Guildhall, Londonderry – 1m Executive Step Lift

Customer Requirements

A major tourist and local attraction, The Guildhall in the centre of Londonderry needed to provide full access for all. As a magnificant example of neo-gothic architecture, any additions to meet today's access standards needed to be sympathic to this historic site.

Our Solution

We recommended the 1m Executive Step Lift. Stylish, with smooth and quiet operation, this was the ideal lift choice to meet the demands of this site and its high level of usage.
- small footprint worked perfectly to work with narrow access points
- load capacity was ideal to meet the demands of this site
- excellent safety features and ease-of-use for the general public
Installing 2 lifts at key locations, one interior and one exterior, we provided full site access for all visitors.

Technical Features

- Hydraulic drive
- Powered upper and lower gates
- IP 67 rated switching particularly relevant to external locations
- 1 day installation - minimal builders work
- Easy service access

Modern design complimenting historic architecture

Choosing an elegant lift brings a modern aesthetic to the functional needs of this popular attraction. Slimline and unobtrusive our 2 lifts are carefully positioned around the building architecture to provide modern access without distracting from the historic values.

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