Carrick Primary School – EA7 Straight Incline Lift

Customer Requirements

The Education Authority was asked to make adaptations to this primary school to ease access to a particular wing of the school.

Safety of children and ease of use were key to the functionality of this lift in the school environment due to limited space.

Our Solution

Two incline platform lifts were installed within 3 weeks of ordering. One of the lifts features a special raise / lower function which is used when space is limited at the lower level. Meaning alterations to the adjacent classroom door were not necessary, saving both time and money.

Both lifts are key operated and foldable to meet the demands of a busy school environment and to ensure children would not be able to access the lifts without supervision.

Technical Features

  • Accessibility to all public and private premises, it’s the ideal solution for a straight staircase.

  • 1-2 day installation.

  • Suitable for internal or external use.

  • Fully automatic.

  • Soft start /stop.

  • Smooth and quiet operation.

  • Remote call stations and controls on platforms.

  • raise / lower function 

Modern and compact design complimenting school environment

This modern and compact folding platform, provides a steady smooth ride for wheelchair users and when folded is unobtrusive leaving the staircase free for other users.

This compact design perfectly suits the narrower halls of a school environment. The fully automatic operation is safe and easy to use and requires no special training.

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