Bavarian BMW – A8000

Customer Requirements

BMW valet centre in Belfast required a third lift to be installed in their newly constructed Belfast store. This newly constructed lift was needed to transport tyres between the first floor mezzanine and store. 

Our Solution

Pollock lifts recommended a 1000kg capacity a8000 lift that would be sturdy and capable of transporting tyres to the first floor mezzanine store. These lifts are ideally suited to mezzanine floors as they do not require a separate shaft and can be easily incorporated in a new build or a great addition to an existing mezzanine.

Technical Features

  • Traction drive

  • On-board diagnostic display

  • Self-leveling Mechanism

  • Compact footprint

  • Fully automatic.

  • Soft start /stop.

  • Smooth and quiet operation.

Modern design complimenting new builds

We are the market leader in bespoke lifts combining the finest materials from around the world with the latest lifting technology to surpass any designers’ aspiration. Combining contemporary designs using advanced technology perfect to suit any new build.



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