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BS 5900:2012 Compliance Summary06.03.2013BS 5900:2012 Compliance Summary

As you may be aware BS 5900:2012 will be withdrawn on 30th April 2013, and be replaced by BS 5900:2012. ...

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Wheelchair Lifts – An Aid for the Elderly and the Disabled

09 December 2011

Wheelchair lifts are a huge advantage for the elderly and disabled

Climbing stairs is a tough job for a lot of people who suffer different levels of mobility impairment, old age and diseases such as arthritis. For all such people, wheelchair lifts are a big advantage. There are two kinds of lifts that you can choose from – manually operated lifts and electric lifts. These lifts can be used to traverse different heights. While a platform lift helps a person get into cars and buses, there are lifts that get a person a storey high. You can opt for a platform lift without an enclosure and with one. Plain platform lifts can be accessed from three sides while an enclosed platform lift can only be accessed from a single direction. You can roll a wheelchair onto these platform lifts and all you have to do is press the button in the electric models.

Electric and manually operated lifts

Manually operated lifts come with a lever that has to be rotated to lift the platform up. Both the kinds of platforms have their pros and cons. If you live in a place where there are frequent power cuts, then choosing a platform lift is a better alternative. For people who are too weak to operate the manual level, electric lifts are useful.