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BS 5900:2012 Compliance Summary06.03.2013BS 5900:2012 Compliance Summary

As you may be aware BS 5900:2012 will be withdrawn on 30th April 2013, and be replaced by BS 5900:2012. ...

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Short Rise lifts

07 February 2011

Short rise step lifts are ideal for where you need to move up to 2 metres.

Often the smallest flights of stairs are the most frustrating, even some bungalows have a few stairs, if you struggle with stairs or are wheelchair bound though 2 steps may as well be a hundred. Luckily you don’t need to get an expensive passenger lift or even a stair lift that stops you from taking your wheelchair with you as step lifts can be installed into small spaces to take you and your wheelchair, if you have one, up a level.

They are great in many public buildings and work places as well as homes making areas easily accessible and safely as well.

The fact they can carry up to 500 kgs makes them useful for moving other items around as well and in public buildings and work places they can also be used to move other items on wheels such as items on trolleys or sack-barrows.
As well as step lifts that take up some space and are permanent you may want to consider an incline platform lift that runs around any straight or curved stair case but folds away so others can use the stairs still, they are great for a short or a long distance especially where they will only rarely be used as their footprint is small compared to other solutions.