Public Access Lifts

Vertical Platform Lift. Independent disabled access to different levels in any type of building

  • fully enclosed cabin
  • internal or external use
  • 3 or 1 phase power supply
  • sliding doors

Domestic Lifts

Through-Floor Lift. A modern, unobtrusive solution providing access over 2 floors.

  • traction and hydraulic drive system
  • 12 different cabin sizes
  • side hung configuration
  • large, user friendly controls

Trade Lifts

2mtr Steplift. Reaching new heights in elegant access solutions.

  • increase travel rise up to max. 3 mtr
  • 2 piece system with integral pump
  • through and adjacent entry
  • gates can be rehanded on site

Pollock Lifts has been in the business of manufacturing and installing lifts and elevators of all sizes and descriptions for more than ??? years.

At Pollock Lifts, we try to be flexible and to tailor our products and services to suit the needs of each individual customer. We manufacture an extensive selection of lifts and elevators, including residential, vertical platform, service and goods elevators as well as step and stairwell lifts for wheelchair and other users requiring easy access solutions.

We can provide the lift of your choice for installation by an independent maintenance and service provider, or can put together a tailor made package that includes installation, regular maintenance and service, according to your needs.

We particularly welcome enquiries from re-sellers and will be pleased to adapt our services to suit the type of business you offer.

So why choose Pollock?

We know that choosing which lift or elevator to buy can be a confusing process.

We also know that there are many lifts and elevators available on the market today made by a variety of manufacturers and with a wide range of prices.  So how can you be sure which brand of step lift is right for you and your purposes? And how can you be sure that you have chosen the most appropriate manufacturer and service provider?

Robust, durable products

Pollock’s step lifts, wheelchair lifts, vertical, platform, residential, stairway and other types of elevators are manufactured out of top quality steel, bearings, and other materials so that we can be sure they will provide many years of excellent service.

All parts are available with full anti-corrosion warranty for five years and are designed to be low maintenance and easy to install.

Simple to Use

We keep our step lifts easy to use with simple, intuitive mechanisms so that everyone can use our products quickly and easily, right from the very first time.

Honest, Straight-Forward Advice

At Pollock we take pride in fitting the lift to the individual and their personal situation. We make a point of discussing your needs with you so that we can recommend the most appropriate lift possible within a reasonable budget – and without trying to oversell you a lift that exceeds your requirements.
FREE Step Lift Estimates

We offer FREE, no-obligation, on-site consultations so that the estimates we offer are realistic and take into account the specifics of your building and circumstances. We never over-sell and will only suggest installing step lifts that suit your real needs, without exaggeration.

Fast, Clean Installation

It is usually possible to install smaller step and other lifts within a day with a minimum of disruption and mess to your surroundings. Larger models will naturally take a little longer. Pollock’s installing technicians are all fully trained in maintaining their workspace clean and accessible at all times, and in removing all traces of cement dust and other installation debris on completion of their work. We take pride in our fast, clean, professional and friendly workmanship.

Full instruction

Before our technicians leave we will make sure that you are familiar with the full operation and working procedures of your new lift. We will leave you with comprehensive, written material and contact numbers so that you can seek further assistance whenever you need it.


Pollock offers a range of maintenance contract options to keep your step lift working at its best at all times, for many years. We will discuss our maintenance plans in more detail with you when we come to make the estimate or to install your new lift or elevator. In the event of mal-function, our reliable service team are available for call-out maintenance and repairs whenever you may need them.

Pollock Customizable Step Lifts – Elegant Design that complies with BS 6440, TUV and CE codes.
Email us at , telephone 0044 28 9336 8167, or fax 0044 28 9336 7846 to find out more.

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